Exchange Program

What is your exchange program all about?

We are now able to provide exchange programs. It’s the same program and warranty that dealers provide, but at a far lower cost.

We will provide you with an exchange part that has been rebuilt to Deere specifications and will only charge you the cost of repairing yours.

You can save time by not having to wait and getting your equipment up and running promptly.

Try out our exchange program at KMS Mechanics it will be worth it completely, benefiting you with lower costs and the same deals that you would get at the dealers.

-Deere 8225R, 8245R, 8260R, 8280R.

-Powershift Transmission

-Engine Long Block

-Engine Cylinder Head

-Left and Right Rear Axle Housing

-SCV Valves

Deere 524K, 544K, 544K-II, 624K, 624K-II.
-Powershift Transmission
-Engine Long Block
-Engine Cylinder Head
-Lift, Tilt, Steering Cylinders
-Front and Rear Axles
-SCR and DPF Filters
– Loader Hydraulic Control Valve, Joystick

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