At KMS Mechanics, we understand the unique needs of Case Steiger transmissions and are here to provide you with specialized expertise and services tailored to this equipment.

Case Steiger tractors are renowned for their remarkable power and exceptional performance, making them invaluable assets in both agricultural and construction settings. At KMS Mechanics, our highly skilled technicians have honed their expertise in the intricate world of Case Steiger transmissions. Their proficiency extends to maintenance, repair, and diagnostics, all geared toward optimizing your equipment’s operational efficiency.


Our commitment to preserving the peak performance of your Case Steiger tractors is unwavering. We understand the nuances of these transmissions and are equipped to tackle any issues that may arise. Whether you rely on your equipment in the field or on the construction site, our specialized services ensure minimal downtime, allowing your Case Steiger tractors to get back to work swiftly and efficiently. Trust KMS Mechanics to keep your machinery in top condition, so you can continue to experience the power and performance of your Case Steiger tractors to the fullest.

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Why Choose KMS Mechanics for Case Steiger Transmission Services

Dedicated Expertise

Our technicians have in-depth knowledge of Case Steiger transmissions, enabling them to handle issues with precision and efficiency. We understand the unique characteristics of these transmissions.

Efficient Solutions

We prioritize minimizing downtime for your equipment. With our swift and effective repair and maintenance services, your Case Steiger tractors can get back to work faster.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer competitive pricing for our services, ensuring that our repairs and maintenance are cost-effective without compromising quality. Save on your equipment maintenance costs with KMS Mechanics.

Advanced Diagnostics

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the cutting-edge diagnostic tools we employ, which provide accurate and reliable results. Your Case Steiger transmission is in capable hands.

Comprehensive Warranty

Just like our CAT and Challenger transmission services, we offer the same reliable warranty for Case Steiger transmissions – one year or 2000 hours. You can have confidence in the longevity of our work.

Field Assistance

Our fleet of twelve mechanic service trucks is equipped to provide on-the-go support in the field, ensuring that you can count on us wherever your Case Steiger tractors are in operation.

For all your Case Steiger transmission needs, KMS Mechanics is your go-to solution. 

We are dedicated to keeping your equipment running at its best, ensuring that your operations remain efficient and productive. Contact us today at 559-757-1946 or fill out the questionnaire. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to support your equipment and business success.

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