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Welcome To KMS Mechanics

All Deere engines, powershift, IVT transmissions, axles, inboard, and outboard wet brakes, and all hydraulics found in agricultural and construction equipment are our specialties.

We offer a variety of services from delivery to rentals

From onsite troubleshooting to pick-up and delivery to complete removal and installation of repaired engines, drivetrains, hydraulic components, and rental equipment like agriculture tractors and construction wheel loaders, we’ve got you covered.

deere engines specialist in pixley

From Start To Finish

From onsite troubleshooting, to pick up and delivery, to complete removal and installation of repaired engines,  drivetrain and hydraulic component, we get the job done from start to finish.

About KMS Mechanics

We specialize in all Deere engines,  powershift, IVT transmissions, axles, and inboard and outboard wet brakes, as well as all hydraulics found in agriculture and construction equipment

We offer exchange programs.

It’s the same program and warranty the dealer offers, but at significant savings. We give you our exchange part rebuilt to Deere specifications, and only charge you what it requires to repair yours. Save the time of waiting and get your equipment running quickly.

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